February 24, 2018

Have been back at rehearsing again, this time with Ian Smith (Ian did the guitar work on both of my CDs). We're working on reprising our 'Nightcap' sets - original and cover music in the jazz/blues/easy listening range. It's coming along well and I'm getting a lot more comfortable on my bass. You won't be seeing a lot of fancy licks on the bass, but Ian makes up for that with some pretty neat guitar work. 

I was pleased to accept an invitation to perform at the Festival of the Arts this year (April). More on that as we get closer. January and February has been pretty brutal in the colds and flu department, but hopefully we're over the worst and can start getting out and playing more. 

Lately I've been researching the idea of putting on live streaming video shows. I think we could definitely have some fun doing that! Again, more to come on that as we get the system figured out and in place. 





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Linda Connell Studley: New Traditions