Damned if She Just Walks Away

Linda Connell Studley
Linda Studley


Janie takes a walk down by the waterside

Watches the sun slide into the sea

The wind tears the note out of her tremblin’ hand

To dance it across the sand, where she’d like to be

And she’s damned if she does

She’s damned if she doesn’t

And she’s damned if she just walks away

Janie, what have you done?

What happened to the yearbook smile

And the carefree style of the girl most likely to succeed?

Janie, where have you gone

You don’t have to face the world alone

There are folks at home who can give you

What you need

Janie had a life, Janie had lots of plans

That somehow got out of hand, out of control

Easy to drift, easy to follow blind

Spending her last dime, the price of her soul

Janie walks alone down by the waterside

Feels like the ebb tide; sliding away

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