Linda Connell Studley/ Ian Smith
Ian Smith and Linda Connell Studley


This song was originally an instrument written by Ian Smith about Ghawdex (aw-DESH) which is the archaic name for Gozo, an island in Malta. Ian visited there and was inspired by the area's great beauty. He asked me to write lyrics for the piece and I did so by immersing myself in the many photographs Ian took while in Malta. I've never been there myself but it looks like an amazing place to visit!


Sail away,
I could sail away
ageless isles,
call to me

Endless waves
bathed in ancient light
close my eyes
and I can see it shine
impossible blue and
I’m going back one day with you
I left my footprint in the sand
it’s waiting for me and and
I’m goin’ back one day - Ghawdex

sail away,
I could sail away
ageless isles,
call to me
where the sun goes dazzling on the sea 
it’s just a thought away
could go back there today
Just close my eyes and sail away

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