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Linda Connell Studley
Linda Studley


My husband, who blacksmiths, often tells me stories of the history of blacksmiths; their fierce independence, the almost magical aura that surrounds their craft. In olden times they were generally neutral during wars because both sides needed their skills. These skills also provided the Smith with status and standing that demanded respect from peasant and king alike.

 “Brilliant.” Gary Fjellgaard



Swing, swing, blacksmith swing

Swing your hammer and make it ring

The blacksmith bows to no one’s king

For the smith, he is the king of the forge

Hard by the forest on the river side

The smithy is dark and hot as hell

With iron and with fire his trade he plied

And his anvil like a bell

Down to the smithy rode a noble lord

With gold coins jingling in his hand

If you’ll make for me a deadly sword

I’ll pay what you demand

The coals blazed hot with Vulcan’s fire

And brought to life a noble blade

The blacksmith forged the lord’s desire

To wield on his crusade

Time came for payment and the lord he said

Now that the blade’s at my command

Why should I not just leave you dead

And keep my gold at hand

The smith swung his hammer and the anvil sang

The blade sang back with awful glee

The sword turned in the traitor’s hand

And whispered “pay for me”

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New Traditions

Linda Connell Studley: New Traditions