New Traditions

Faerie Hill

Linda Connell Studley
Linda Studley


Inspired by an old song titled "The Sister's Lament" about a girl who hears her sister singing from under a faerie hill of how she was spirited away by the faeries.


My sister was the boldest lass I have ever known

She ne’er would list’ when she was told where to and not to go

She feared not dark nor misty moor nor midnight’s icy chill

And she knew the fairest flowers grew upon the faerie hill

Oh sister dear, I gravely fear if you must be so wild

Before the morning dawns again I’ll be an only child

The faerie hill is haunted so the village women say

And those who venture near to it are oft times swept away

To serve the faerie king himself and never to return

They shake their heads and wonder why the young ones never learn

Oh sister mine, be not so blind I fear so for your life

Before the morning dawns again you’ll be a faerie’s wife

She would not be forestalled by me, she would not be denied

To brave what was forbidden was to her a source of pride

“I’ll dance upon the hill” she laughed “and bathe my face in dew

I’ll pick the fairest flower and I’ll bring it home to you.”

Oh sister stay, you act so fey, I know this is goodbye

Step not upon the faerie hill, there’s worse things than to die

When I awoke next morning to the sun upon my face

My sister was not sleeping in her accustomed place

I looked up to the window and there upon the sill

Lay the fairest flower off the haunted faerie hill

Upon my heart there fell a dread as dark as any cloud

I climbed upon the faerie hill and cursed the king aloud

The faerie king appeared to me as if by spell invoked

He smiled with some bemusement until at length he spoke

Your sister had no faith in us, to her we were not real

She’s gone upon her careless way, ‘tis your heart we would steal

And when you pass the faerie hill and when the wind blows cold

You’ll oft time hear me singing to the fairy king below

Oh sister please come back for me, oh, thoughtless, willful child

I’m lost upon the faerie hill, enchanted and beguiled

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New Traditions

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