New Traditions

It's Alright

Linda Connell Studley
Linda Studley


My husband teased me once that I couldn't write a fast song without minor chords. Well, I can so!


Well, it’s alright, we’ve only begun

There are songs to be sung, before this night is over

 There’s many a tale I haven’t told yet

That I’m sure to regret when I’m sober

Let me tell you the tale of old Jimmy McKay

Had to walk his wife’s wee scruffy dog twice a day

One Saturday night, the dog disappeared

And old Jimmy averred

That the dog commit suicide and jumped off the pier

There once was a fellow named Owen LaRoke

Changed his last name every time he went broke

Did someone just say his bar tab’s unpaid

Guess he’ll be owin’ someone the rest of his days

I’ll tell you the story of Rory McCall

When he came to this country he’d nothing at all

After fifty long years he’ll puff out his chest

And loudly profess

That he’s sure that he’s got at least half of it left

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New Traditions

Linda Connell Studley: New Traditions