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Linda Connell Studley
Linda Studley


Mermaid was inspired by a Welsh story of the Mermaid of Zennor. This ballad chronicles the exploits of a tenacious mermaid, a daughter of Llyr, who goes upon land in search of love.


The mermaid sat late in the harbour one evening

To comb all the shells from her hair golden bright.

A sweet song came floating across the dark water

And held her heart spellbound far into the night

Next evening the mermaid swam close to the shoreline

“What bird sings so sweet? to the darkness she cried

I wish he’d fly closer and sing for me only

The waves washed her tears as the sweet singing died

The third night the mermaid came sooner and bolder

She floated right up by the fisherman’s dock

“What reed can there grow that pipes such sweet music?”

Alas for my tail, how I wish I could walk.

The mermaid cried salt tears much larger than sea pearls

Llyr sighed like the rumbling of waves on the shore

But he gave to his daughter a dress all of sea jewels

To cover her scales as she went to explore

At evensong Matthew sang sweet hymns of closing

She leaned on the sill at the door of the church

She sighed and he lifted his eyes up to meet hers

She knew she had come to the end of her search

She thought of her scales hid beneath the fair clothing

In horror she turned and she made for the sea

But Matthew was swifter and caught her and held her

Cry’ng “Oh please don’t leave me whoe’er you may be”

“But I am a mermaid I can’t live on dry land.

Oh, loose me my love for I can’t stay with thee.”

He gathered her to him and rushed to the ocean

While villagers followed them down to the sea

She tore off her sea jewels and tossed them behind her

They scattered the path leading down to the shore

They sparkled and glittered and people fell on them

To gather them up and to follow no more

Never again were they seen upon dry land

Some say Matthew sings to her down in the sea

There are voices to hear for ears that will listen

And sea jewels still glitter for eyes that can see


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New Traditions

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