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Oh, Johnny Oh

Linda Connell Studley
Linda Studley


Oh, Johnny, Oh is a galloping tale of true love, a nick-of-time rescue with a, perhaps slightly skeptical, happy ending.


Tell me Oh, Johnny Oh, Oh, Johnny Oh

Are you comin’ home soon, now I’ve just got to know

I’ve been waiting five years here with nothing to show

Will you take or forsake me my own Johnny, Oh

I’ve turned down the carter, his prospects were fine

I told the young parson he’s wasting his time

The butcher, the blacksmith have all had a go

I told them I’m waiting for you Johnny, Oh

My mother she wails that I’m wasting my life

A girl who’s too choosy will ne’er be a wife

She begged and she pleaded but still I say no

For I will have no one but you Johnny, oh

My father he told me he’s tired of the strife

He’ll find me a man who will make me his wife

For wed you must be or you’ll soon be too old

But I told him I’d wed only you Johnny, Oh

My father took matters into his own hands

He’d said I’d be married and Johnny be damned

Now here I stand by the fish monger’s side

Oh Lord, please don’t make me a fish monger’s bride

Are those hoof beats I hear, is that Johnny I see

Ridin’ hell bent for leather and calling to me

He stoops in the saddle and sweeps me away

And I will be wed to my Johnny today

Tell me Oh, Johnny Oh, Oh Johnny Oh

As off through the heather together we go

After five years of waiting I still need to know

Will you take or forsake me my own Johnny Oh

Will you take or forsake me my own Johnny Oh

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