New Traditions


Linda Connell Studley
Linda Studley


Once I was a maiden fair

I braided flowers in my hair

Dreamed of love and dreamed of lads

Dreamed of moving onward

Onward go the years and

Onward flow the tears and

Onward till the ending

Life shall lead me onward

Then I met a handsome man

He smiled and offered me his hand

Blythly did I follow him as he led me onward

Children came and children grew

Then were gone before we knew

Dreaming dreams we used to do

Dreams of moving onward

Now the frost has touched my hair

My grandchild is a maiden fair

Who cannot fathom how I ever

Dreamed of moving onward

Some day soon I’ll heed the call

To gather me to some great hall

Gladly will I follow when

The music calls me onward

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New Traditions

Linda Connell Studley: New Traditions